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Packing Right the First Time Matters

Packing your belongings into your storage container can be tricky. Here are some tips from Bay Area self storage companies that can make the process a little easier, without having to pack and repack it many times to get it right. 

Make a List and Label Boxes

First of all, you should take stock of everything you are planning on putting in there before you start packing. This will help greatly when you want to access what you are storing into a Walnut Creek self storage unit. You should have a list of all of the belongings, complete with notes detailing which container they are packed into. If you also label the boxes or bins on the outside with numbers that correlate to your list, pulling the items out later will be a breeze. 

Pack Essentials Separately

If you are moving and using a portable storage container to store just some of your items, you should pack your essentials separately from everything else. These are things like toiletries, clothing, bedding, and dishes that you use often. You will need these things as soon as you move into your new home, even if you haven’t unpacked anything else. Make sure that these things are easily accessible at all times. It helps to stack boxes and bins separately during the moving process so that you don’t accidentally put something in the storage container that you will need soon. 

Know How to Pack Your Containers

Knowing how to pack your belongings into containers can make even the most difficult move seem much easier. First of all, you will want to pack heavier items into smaller boxes. This sounds like it might be counterintuitive, but it makes them easier to lift. A smaller container is also much more stable than a larger one, so they are less likely to tear under the stress of a heavy item. Second of all, pack as much of your smaller items into larger containers as you can. The containers that you can get from a Bay Area crate storage company can hold more than you think, so take advantage of them for all of your smaller items. 

Finally, consider the items you might access more frequently than others. If you know you will want to get to your fishing poles or holiday decorations for example in a few months, put them towards the front of the container for easy access. Put the items you know will be stored for a more lengthy period of time towards the back. You will avoid having to unload the entire container multiple times a year. 

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