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Use These Tips When Loading Your Storage Container

When you need storage space, you don’t want to waste an inch of it. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Walnut Creek self storage.

Before You Store Your Stuff

One big thing you can do to maximize your space is to pack smartly. Inventory what you’re taking to find things easier. You can also use your inventory list to know what to pack in the front of the unit and what stuff can go in the back. Having an inventory list will also help you in case your items are damaged. Make sure to check that the storage unit will fit your needs by checking the amount of space you really need to store all your items.

Be sure to sweep out the unit and make sure it’s clean. You may also want to clean the items that goes into your unit, because it’s only going to get more dusty over the next 2, 5 or 12 months that you’re storing it. It can also help to use the same size boxes or modular boxes in your storage unit, but it isn’t always practical to do that.

How To Organize Your Stuff

As you put your belongings in your storage unit, you’ll want to start with the heaviest items first. You can place lighter boxes on top of the heavy stuff, using vertical space as well as floor space. Use your inventory list as you fill the unit to organize your unit by priority.

Break down furniture as much as possible to take up less space. If you are storing dressers or bookshelves, use the furniture to store other items. Put linens in the dresser drawers. Use the bookshelf as shelving.

Map out where all your items are. Descriptive labels on each box also help you quickly locate your winter clothes or pictures when you want it. Put things you will use the most and need to access soon at the front of the unit while putting things that are more long term in the back. That way, you don’t have to unpack the unit every time you want to find something.

Using these tips will help anyone make the best out of one of the Bay Area affordable storage units.

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