Getting Ready to Move?

With exceptions for emergency situations, the military is usually pretty good about giving families some degree of notice when relocation is required. Even better, they also have people to help with the actual moving process, another plus for anyone who has tried to move a household from Point A to Point B by a certain date.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean preparing for and taking part in a Permanent Change of Station, or PCS, is always easy. In fact, there are some challenges involved in deciding what household items are critical and need to move with you right away, what items can be disposed of or given away, or if any items need to go into storage to be retrieved later.

Since you are already on the clock, you don’t need to take lot of time trying to find a secure storage place. You also may not know when you’ll be back to the area so it makes sense to find a low cost self storage in the Bay Area since your items will be there indefinitely.

Affordable options

 Affordable storage Bay Area residents may need offers some different options instead of just making lots of trips from your house to the self-storage center. Places like At Your Step Personal Storage are able to bring a storage container right to your home.

Then you can fill it at your leisure. When it’s full or at least packed with all the items you’re OK going into storage, simply call the company and it will be picked up and taken to the actual storage facility.

This option is definitely appealing since all you have to do is fill it and not have to go back and forth with loads of stuff. Instead, all you do is fill it in your driveway.

If you can find a storage area that offers this option as well as the best price self storage in the Bay Area, it can be a great combination.

One final suggestion for people to manage a military move well is to keep a journal. This keeps all your useful information in one place, including phone numbers and contact information, dates and deadlines and any geographic details. Putting numbers on each box and putting this number in your journal helps keep track of things.

Are You Looking or Affordable Storage in the Bay Area?

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