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Follow these Tips to Keep Your Stuff Safe

Sometimes, life’s circumstances may call for one’s belongings to be put in long-term storage. If that’s the case with you, employ these methods of preparing and storing your items to keep them safe for the long haul.

Select the Right Unit

If you’re putting your items into a storage unit, make sure you pick one with enough space. Trying to jam all of your items into a space that’s too small won’t be worth the money you save. Luckily, options like low-cost self-storage in the Bay Area, mean that there’s likely an affordable unit for your needs. If you’re having trouble deciding on the right size, talk to someone at your storage company for advice.

Clean and Dry Items before Packing

Before you pack them, make sure your items are both dry and clean. Moisture can cause damage to your items over time, while food particles and the like can be a beacon for pests.

Select the Right Packing Materials

Items that go into long-term storage will benefit from being protected by sturdy packing materials. Rather than going with the cheapest, flimsiest option, consider investing in well-made storage containers. Additionally, if you’re storing furniture, pick up some furniture covers to keep dirt and other debris away. Because measures like these protect your items, the expense will be worth it. 

Set Up Automatic Payments

Walnut Creek self-storage businesses and similar companies will usually have an automatic payment option. Signing up for it means you’ll have peace of mind: You’ll never miss a payment on your storage unit, no matter how long you keep it.

Label Your Items 

While you’re packing up and moving your items into storage, keep some markers on hand so that you can label your boxes. Better Homes and Gardens recommends labeling boxes with both their contents and which room of the home those contents came from. It is also a helpful practice to keep a running inventory of what’s in storage so that you don’t forget about items.

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