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Dreaming Of Moving Across The Country?

Although a cross-country move justifiably inspires anticipation and excitement, it can also bring on trepidation and stress due to the expenses involved. Professional moving companies offer the convenience of door to door service, but they can be extremely costly. Here are some tips to help you save money as you embark upon your thrilling moving adventure.

Rent a Deliverable Storage Container

One of the most efficient and cost-saving moving tips is to rent a Bay Area affordable storage and pack it yourself. These moving containers come in various sizes. They are typically steel-framed, weatherproof, lockable, and spacious. Once the moving company delivers one to your house, it doubles as a storage unit. This gives you the time to gradually remove your furniture and other items and clean up your home without the stress that often accompanies the all-out push of relocation with a traditional moving company. If you load up your household goods but your new home isn’t quite ready, you have the flexibility of transferring your packed unit to a facility for interim storage. Whenever you’re ready, let the company know for quick and efficient Bay Area storage delivered and picked up.

Obtain Free Moving Supplies

If you purchase boxes, bubble wrap, and other moving supplies, it can get expensive very quickly. Instead, save a significant amount of funds and go green by hunting up these items online or in person. Friends and relatives might have spare boxes. Often people with excess moving materials give them away on Craigslist and other sites. Make the rounds of local grocery stores, liquor stores, bookshops, and recycling centers to pick up discarded boxes.

Enlist Assistance

When it’s time to fill your Bay Area container for pickup and you need some assistance, ask your friends and family to come around for furniture moving sessions. In return, offer to make it a party by providing pizza and drinks. If your relatives have conflicting schedules or you don’t know many people in town, look up a local labor service, and hire some temporary help. The cost of the labor will still be far less expensive than using traditional movers.

Get Your Employer To Help

If your move is prompted by work, ask the human relations department at your company about a possible moving stipend. Many businesses assist employees with all or a portion of the costs of relocation. If this is your situation, be sure to keep all move-related receipts so that you’ll ultimately be reimbursed.

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