Bay Area low cost storage units

Are You Considering Bay Area Low Cost Storage Units?

Americans are accumulating more clutter in their homes than ever before, and if you’ve been in your home while, chances are you’ve noticed that the clutter is rapidly overtaking your household. There are some things you can do to alleviate this clutter, for instance storing some of the larger items at one of the Bay Area low cost storage units, or simply contacting a company which can deliver a large container to your home for discarding unwanted items. When you start assessing the things which are suitable for off-site storage or even elimination, you should consider the following checklist, so you don’t overlook anything.

Old appliances

It’s very easy to accumulate a number of old appliances as you purchase new ones on the market with very appealing new features. If you don’t want to sell those old appliances immediately, and you don’t want to throw them away, you can put them in one of the Bay Area affordable storage units for a while until you make up your mind.

Unused furniture

Many households end up with a considerable amount of old furniture which is just taking up space without adding any real value to the home. You may have inherited some furniture from your parents, or you may have kept some furniture from your younger days, but now that old furniture is just taking up space. This kind of material is an ideal candidate for off-site storage.


Paperwork is one of those things that can quickly accumulate over the years, because people tend to hang onto important legal documents like tax information. If you are obliged to hold onto this material for a certain number of years, there’s no reason to have it clutter up your household.

Holiday decorations

You only use these items once a year, so there’s no real reason to keep them cluttering up your household. You’ll have access to them when you do need them, and in the meantime, they won’t be cluttering up your basement, garage or closets.


Antiques can be wonderful items to collect and to own, but if you’re someone who is an avid collector, antiques can quickly accumulate to the point where they’re taking up a great deal of space. You can hang onto them without having them clutter up your living area by storing them off-site.

Old clothing

Most people are constantly buying new clothing, but they tend not to discard old clothing at the same rate. If you haven’t decided what to do about old clothing, you can simply store it off-site until you do reach a decision.

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One great way to eliminate clutter in your home is to simply store some of your bulky items off-site and out of the home itself. You’ll find some the best price storage in the Bay Area at At Your Step Storage to help you set this up. Contact us at your convenience to ask any questions you might have, or to obtain a free quote for any of our storage services.