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Take these Steps Before Placing Your Stuff in Walnut Creek Self Storage

It can be frustrating to bring out holiday decorations such as a Christmas tree, strings of lights, and ornaments at the start of the holiday season only to find everything is a tangled, disorganized mess. While you can’t do anything about how you stored your holiday decorations last year, you can change how you place them into storage this year. We hope the tips below from our Walnut Creek self storage company will help you feel more organized and less stressed this holiday season.

How to Avoid Knotted Strings of Lights

How many times have you reached for a string of lights to place outside or on a Christmas tree only to find it so tangled up that you can’t tell the beginning from the end? To avoid this frustration next year, cut half-inch slats in a piece of cardboard and wrap your lights around it. Tucking each light into a slat helps to keep them firmly in place.

Put Your Holiday Decorations in Clear Plastic Containers

You can save the time and aggravation of digging through boxes looking for what you need by putting your holiday decorations in one or more clear plastic containers instead. This allows you to see exactly what you need without having to go through other boxes. That way, when you choose your Walnut Creek storage solutions company to bring you a container to fill, you can easily find the items you need quickly next year when pulling out your decorations. 

Place Wrapping Paper and Other Supplies in a Hangable Garment Bag

If you have ever run out of paper while wrapping a gift or had to search the house for a scissors and tape, you will appreciate this workaround. Place everything you need to wrap gifts into a garment bag and then hang the bag in the closet where you keep your holiday decorations throughout the year. That way, you will be all set when it comes time to wrap gifts for the next holiday season.

Place Your Artificial Christmas Tree in a Bag

An artificial tree can last for decades when you take proper care of it. Many stores sell Christmas tree bags along with the tree, so all you need to do is place it inside and zip it up. This protects your tree from moisture and insects in addition to making it easier to carry.

Consider Walnut Creek Storage Solutions

For something you use only a few weeks out of the year, holiday decorations can take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for Bay Area low cost storage solutions, we invite you to contact At Your Step Storage for a free quote today. We bring you a container and you fill it up. We pick it up and store it in temperature controlled storage until you need it again. Then we bring it back to you!