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Looking To Utilize Easy Self Storage For Your Next Home Renovation?

Making the decision to renovate your home is both exciting and stressful. It’s exciting in that you’re finally adding more space or an updated look that you might have wanted for years. On the other hand, you sacrifice privacy and space while the project is underway. One solution to this issue is to move furniture and other larger items out of the way of the work crew to give them more space to work. This will end up giving you more space to move about your home. If this sounds appealing, consider hiring At Your Step Storage for innovative storage solutions in Walnut Creek and the surrounding Bay Area.

Deliverable Storage Containers from At Your Step Storage

When you sign up for Bay Area self-storage with our company, we deliver portable storage containers directly to your door. We offer several different sizes to meet your unique storage needs. You then fill up each container with the items you would like to store off-site during your home remodel project. After completing that task, the only thing left to do is contact us to schedule a pickup. We store your items in a clean and climate-controlled storage area until your home improvement project is complete and you’re ready to take the items back again.

Benefits of Choosing Walnut Creek Self Storage During Your Home Remodel

This is a simple way to free up space for you and the remodel team without a lot of work on your part. We drop off one or more storage containers, pick them up when full, store them at our warehouse and deliver them back to you once your home renovation is complete. The only thing you need to do is pack and unpack them. Think of the ways one can utilize Walnut Creek self-storage solutions for home projects!

Get Access To Your Storage Unit Whenever You Want

We understand that home improvement projects sometimes take much longer than anticipated and that you might need access to your personal items before the completion of your project. That is no problem. We provide you with a security code that provides access to your belongings 24 hours a day.

Store Your Belongings In A Place That Values Safety And Affordability

Choosing to place your household items in a storage container from At Your Step Storage is much better than placing them in the garage. That is because they are vulnerable to damage from heat, moisture, insects, and other elements outside of your control. We have designed our storage containers to protect against rust, mold, and mildew while allowing your personal belongings to receive much-needed air at the same time.

Interested In Affordable Bay Area Self Storage For Your Home Renovation?

Storing your items off-site is a short-term sacrifice for an improved home. Please contact us today to learn more about this affordable and convenient solution by visiting our contact page HERE.