Trying to Decide on Bay Area Affordable Storage Units?

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, you may find that you need more space in your home. Maybe you’re working from home and want a more permanent home office. You might just need to store some things to let your kids have more space for school and play. If you’re looking for Bay Area affordable storage units, you have options. You can choose a self-storage unit or a storage container. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each.

Self-Storage Units

At a self-storage unit, you rent space from a business to store your items. You take your belongings to the Bay Area self storage unit, or you can even have professional movers do it. It’s a cost-effective method that lets you access your property when you need it, provided the facility is open. It’s a good option for long-term storage, but you may forget about it over time and it simply becomes a money pit.

Portable Storage

Another option is a portable storage unit. The container is delivered to you. You load it at your house. When it’s loaded, the container can be moved off-site. You can have the container stored indefinitely or for a short time, such as for renovations or a move where you have a few weeks between homes. It’s an easy method to pack, because you just walk in. You can take your time loading the container. The drawback is that once the container is off-site, you have to make an appointment to get it delivered when you want it again.

Get Your Space Back

Many homes get cluttered with belongings at a rapid rate. Your kids outgrow toys and you put them in the closet for a future yard sale. Maybe you’re storing college furniture for a kid who is studying overseas. Your Christmas decorations take up too much space in your attic. Or, pre-COVID, you were planning for a yard sale and those plans have been waylaid.

Are You in Need of Bay Area Self Storage?

Whatever reason your home or garage feels cluttered, check out the storage solutions from At Your Step. We’re a Walnut Creek self storage facility that can help you find space for temporary or long-term storage. Our containers are delivered to you and picked up at your convenience. We have temperature-controlled storage and will deliver to a new location when you’re ready. Contact us today to get sizes and pricing.