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Are You Moving into a Smaller Space?

Sometimes moving is more than just moving all of your things from one home to another. If you’re moving into a smaller home, it becomes necessary to downsize what you have to fit into the new home. Renting affordable storage in the Bay Area can be helpful in giving you the space and extra time to go through your items and be sure you are getting rid of treasures you will regret later. Here are some other tips that can help you downsize your home.

Have a place for extra things. 

Even if you need to downsize to fit into a particular space, you may have things you just can’t part with. It’s a good idea to have a plan for where those things will go. Bay Area low cost storage units can provide space for extra items and you’ll still have access to them if you need them.

Measure, measure, measure. 

Don’t assume you’ll be able to fit certain things in your new home. Get a blueprint of the space or take your own measurements. Then measure the furniture you want to bring to be sure it will fit into your new home. You don’t want to move a big piece of furniture only to find it doesn’t fit well into your new smaller home.

Downsize one room at a time. 

Downsizing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re coming from a larger space. Pare down your things one room at a time. It often helps to start with rooms that aren’t used as often, such as an attic, since more of those items aren’t used on a daily basis and may be easier to part with.

Be patient with yourself. 

Downsizing takes time, and can be an emotional project. It’s okay to feel frustrated or feel torn about the things you choose to get rid of. Remember to be patient with yourself and take things one room at a time. That way, you’ll be able to make the progress you need without ignoring how you feel about what you’re getting rid of.

Look into Walnut Creek Crate Storage

Whether you’re moving into a smaller home out of necessity or because you want to simplify your life, it can be a daunting process. Having a plan can make the process easier. Walnut Creek crate storage can be very helpful in the process of downsizing. It allows you to have a container in your driveway for a period of time while you make the choices on what you will be getting rid of. Then your container will be picked up once it is all packed up and stored for you for future use. While simplifying is good, you don’t want to get rid of items you will regret later. Contact At Your Step Storage today to learn more about portable container storage and how it can be helpful to you.