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You May Need Storage If:

Belongings can pile up slowly over the years, making it hard to realize you’re running out of space—until it’s too late. Item accumulation is very common: The average American household contains a staggering 300,000 items, per a professional organizer cited by the Los Angeles Times.

Not sure if you have too many things for your current living situations? The following signs can help you recognize if your items are making space an issue. If so, you can pursue solutions like Bay Area driveway storage units.

Sign 1: Your Closets Are Full

If opening your closet reveals a cramped space, then you may need more storage. One technique is to put seasonal wardrobe items in storage during the season(s) they are not in use.

Sign 2: Your Cars Won’t Fit in the Garage

Garages commonly serve as a repository for items. To an extent, that’s not a problem: Garages are essentially storage spaces, after all. But keep in mind that they’re meant to store and protect vehicles, so if your car(s) or truck(s) will no longer fit, consider looking into the Bay Area’s affordable storage options.

Sign 3: Your Home Is Disorganized

If your home is disorganized, you may end up dealing with unsightly clutter. And according to WebMD, clutter can actually harm your physical and mental health. Therefore, if items are hard to find or simply in the way, it may be time to invest in more room so that you can get organized.

Sign 4: A Renovation Project Is On the Way

If you plan on renovating a part of your home anytime soon, consider setting up a storage solution beforehand. Having a preplanned place to keep a room’s items while it is under renovation will reduce stress and make the project go more smoothly.

Sign 5: Items Are Building Up around the Home

If your closets, cupboards, and other storage spots are full, it may result in items like boxes and storage totes stacking up elsewhere in the house. That is a clear sign that you may need more room.

Looking for Low-Cost Storage in the Bay Area?

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