Reasons to Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Moving to a new home presents complications and inconveniences for everyone, regardless of how many possessions they own. Furniture, decorations, memorabilia, and other items you won’t be using right now — but aren’t ready to get rid of! — must go somewhere.

But who has the available space? And if you don’t have that space, what can you do?

Consider using storage facilities. You pay a low monthly amount to keep your items in a secure, climate-controlled space that you can access when you’re ready for them. Here are 3 immediate benefits of renting storage units from an ethical, affordable company like Magic Moving & Storage:

short term storage solutions

1. More time. Don’t have time to go through all your belongings as soon as you move in? Use temporary storage to give yourself more time (and space) to get settled in. We even pick up and pack your items, saving you time that you could be using on something else

2. Inventory storage. Businesses with significant product stocks – but little retail space – can cheaply keep overflow in a climate-controlled storage unit.

3. Safekeeping. Valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, and collectibles can stay secure in a locked facility, as you acclimate to your new space and organize.

Simply give us a call for your storage container delivery and pick-up arrangements. We offer a service to deliver a storage unit to your door, allow you time to pack, then pick it up and store it for as long as you need before redelivering to the same address or a new address, it’s up to you. Your individual unit is stored securely in our climate-controlled, security patrolled warehouse.

Try At Your Step Storage – Pick-Up and Delivery Storage Unit Service

At Your Step Storage works with customers from all walks of life to find storage solutions for their unique needs, from long distance moving to short-term storage while renting out your home. To learn more, get a free online quote today or give us a call (toll-free) at (877) 900-STEP.