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Moving Tips for Large Families

Moving from one location to another can be an exhilarating growth experience, but it can also be physically and psychologically stressful. To make this challenging transition more manageable, it is important to plan carefully, organize the workload, remain positive, and focus on the benefits of the change. Here are some tips for large families that can help make your move not only tolerable but enjoyable.

Plan Your Move

To keep stress to a minimum, organize your move ahead of time. Plan each step of packing, loading, and unpacking. Prepare your children for the move by communicating with them about the advantages of your new location and the opportunities that you will all have there. Be sure to research the options for shopping, schools, entertainment, and recreational opportunities where you are going so you all have something to look forward to. Local area websites can help you with this information. Reserve a Bay Area self storage unit ahead of time for the items you won’t need when you move in.

Make It Fun

Have the kids willing and even eager to help by making a game out of the packing process. For instance, you can turn packing tasks into contests. Additionally, be sure to plan games and activities for the kids for the time spent on the road. This will encourage the kids to have fun and also alleviate the driver’s stress.

Purge Your Belongings

When you live for a significant amount of time in one place, you always accumulate more belongings than you need. The packing process is an excellent opportunity to declutter. Set aside what you don’t need for selling or donating to charities. This will ensure that your new home and Walnut Creek crate storage only has items that you will use in the future.

Prepare an Inventory

While you are packing, prepare an inventory list. Additionally, color-code the boxes to correspond to the various rooms of your new house so that unpacking will go much more smoothly. Be sure to keep aside in travel bags the items that you will need on the road. This may include a cooler full of food and drinks so your family can enjoy a picnic en route.

Store Seldom-Used Items

You’ll also want to separate belongings that you use less frequently to be placed in a Walnut Creek self storage unit. These items may include seasonal furniture, holiday decorations, and other belongings that are easily kept out of the way while you unpack and set up your new home.

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