Moving in with Your Spouse Soon?

Moving in with your significant other (SO) can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Such a life-changing relocation involves a wide variety of details, such as where you will put all of your collective belongings. Fortunately, you can house the overflow with the help of a Bay Area self storage company. Read the tips below as you prepare for your upcoming moving day.

Put Your Tech Devices to Use

Technology can help you to streamline the relocation process. Your devices may be used to document various contracts, find maps relevant to the move, and locate restaurants, laundry facilities, and temporary living accommodations as needed.     

Take Stock of Your Possessions

One of the first steps to take is making an inventory of your things. This inventory list is another example of what you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to document. By storing this information electronically, you can quickly make changes as they arise.

Once you have done this, you and your SO should compare your lists. Check for multiple items, such as appliances, tools, and furniture. If you find that you have a surplus of certain things, put them aside to sell or donate.

Declutter Before Packing

In addition to getting rid of duplicates and multiple items, this is an opportune time to declutter and downsize. Take a hard look at the things you have stored in drawers, cupboards, and closets. If you haven’t used or worn something in over a year or two, now may be the best time to let it go.

Certain possessions may be sentimental to you, and you might not want to part with them. That’s okay! You may benefit from putting them in storage until you find a place for them in your new home.

Find Affordable Storage in the Bay Area

Merging all of your things with those of your beloved can be challenging. Instead of trying to do this all at one time, you can pack up the belongings you don’t need immediately and store it in affordable storage in the Bay Area. Then, store them with a reliable company for as long as you need.

At Your Step for Storage Solutions for Bay Area Affordable Storage Units

We know how stressful relocating can be, regardless of how much you want to do it. At Your Step is happy to provide you with solutions to your storage requirements. We deliver Bay Area affordable storage units right to your door. Once you have packed your self storage container, we will retrieve it and transport it to our facility. We will store your container at our secure, climate-controlled facility until you are ready for it.   

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