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Take these Steps to Protect Your Camping Equipment

Camping can be a relaxing and wholesome way for families to spend time together away from the fast pace of everyday life. However, it can also be a lot of work to prepare for camping and store the supplies afterwards. Below are some tips from our Walnut Creek self storage company on how to ensure that the clean-up and storage of supplies after the camping trip is as efficient as possible.

Allow Blankets and Sleeping Bags to Get Some Air

Before putting bedding materials away, be sure to shake them to release any dirt and loose items. Next, place the bedding on a flat surface or on a hanger for it to air out. You should not expose sleeping bags to direct sunlight since the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage the nylon material. There’s no problem hanging cotton blankets outside for air since the ultraviolet rays act as a disinfectant in this situation.

Make Sure Your Tent is Dry Before Storing It

Your tent should be completely dry before storing it to avoid moisture damage such as mold and mildew. If you arrive home to sunny weather, consider putting your tent up in the yard for several hours to allow it to dry. Once you feel certain the tent is dry, clean the stakes and poles and brush dust off the tent before putting into storage. This prevents you from dragging dirt, insects, and other debris stuck to your tent supplies into your home.

Clean Cookware Before Returning Home

Before your camping group heads home, one person should take the time to scrub all pots, pans, and utensils and then place them in a large sealed plastic bag. Completing this step ahead of time ensures that grease and caked-on food doesn’t leak onto your other items and possibly attract insects. Once you get home, rinse and dry your cookware and it’s ready to put away. It will also ensure they stay in great condition if you store in one of the Bay Area low cost storage units.

Consider Bay Area Low Cost Storage Units Instead of Your Garage

People are often surprised how much camping gear they have when they see it all in in the garage taking up so much space. If your camping gear is taking up valuable storage space at home, we invite you to check out At Your Step Storage. In addition to offering affordable storage Bay Area, we make the entire process convenient for you. We start by dropping off storage pods at your home, picking them up once they’re full, and returning them to you before next year’s camping season upon request. Please contact At Your Step Storage to learn more and receive a free quote.