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Keep Your Decorations in Good Shape with these Tips

The holidays are special in part because they don’t last forever. Their temporary nature means that you’ll eventually need to pack away all of your wonderful decorations for storage. But the good news is that with the following tips in mind, you can safely store your decorations so that they are well organized and ready to go once the holidays come back around. And low cost self storage in the Bay Area can make the process even easier.

Declutter First

Sadly, some of your decorations may become broken, while others may no longer work with the overall style you’re going for. As a first step in the packing process, Laura Mueller of Moving.com recommends throwing away or donating these items, as appropriate.

Get the Storage Gear

Containers are critical for keeping your decorations safe. That’s why The Spruce’s Christina Giaguinto suggests investing in solid bins that will last you a lifetime. As Giguinto puts it, this is a “one-time investment” that you’ll use again and again. Hooks, which can hold wreaths and garlands, are another worthy purchase. Markers, tape, dividers, tissue paper, and air-filled plastic packing can help round out your supplies.


Another important step is organization. Whether you’re storing your decorations in a garage, closet, or one of the Bay Area affordable storage units, you’ll thank yourself next year when unpacking your well-organized items.

Organization largely involves separating items by category. For example, you might make separate piles for indoor and outdoor lights, ornaments, decorative houses, and so on. Additionally, make sure you keep your gift-wrapping supplies separate so you can easily access them for birthdays and other events that involve presents.

Time to Pack!

Once the time has come to pack, try not to leave rooms for items to shift around in their containers. Padding can help here.

Be sure to untangle lights, and remove batteries from items that use them. Pack your ornaments back in their original containers or an alternative like an egg carton. Tissue paper is great for giving them protection.

Additionally, as you pack, keep in mind that you shouldn’t put lighter boxes underneath heavy ones. Finally, labels help tremendously, so don’t be shy about labeling your containers! 

Store Your Decorations in a Bay Area Affordable Storage Unit and Create Space in Your Garage!

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