Follow the Below Tips to Prevent Damage to Your Stuff

Whether moving or just needing to store things, a portable self storage container can be an excellent solution. Choosing an expert Walnut Creek self storage company can make moving and storage easier and less stressful. You do the packing, and they handle the transportation with storage that is safe and secure.

Reasons to Use a Portable Storage Container Service

Portable self storage units can be used when you are renovating an existing home, staging a home for sale, moving to a new home or apartment, traveling out of state or overseas for a period of time, or simply running out of space.

Portable self storage containers make the storage process easier versus traditional rental storage units. A storage container is delivered directly to your “doorstep,” so you only need to pack once instead of packing and loading then unpacking and loading again at a storage facility. A professional Bay Area self storage company will store your belongings in a clean and secure climate-controlled warehouse.

Good Packing Principles

Follow these principles for a good storage experience:

  • Don’t attempt to store restricted items. Also don’t store perishable items, legal documents, and currency.
  • Carefully plan what you will need to store so that you can determine the container size to be ordered.
  • Make a thorough list of all items being stored.
  • Label all items or containers to be stored.

Your Walnut Creek self storage experts can give you further packing advice.

How to Prevent Damage to Stuff in Storage

Furniture. Protect furniture items from scratching and denting damage by wrapping them with blankets or bubble wrap. Place all furniture items right side up. Disassemble large furniture items, if possible. Remove light bulbs and shades from lamps and wrap the lamps in cushioning material. Protect mirrors and pictures by placing corrugated cardboard around them. Place flat furniture against the storage container walls.

Electronics. Place all electronics in boxes or carefully wrap large items in blankets or bubble wrap.

Appliances. Wrap all appliances with protective materials.

Books. Place all books snugly in smaller boxes and label each box.

Breakables. Wrap all breakables such as ornamental and kitchen items and securely place them in boxes.

Clothing. Place larger clothing items such as suits and dresses in larger wardrobe boxes. Box and label other items.

You get convenience and safety with Bay Area low-cost storage units.

Your Bay Area Self-Storage Solution

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