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Are You Trying to Organize Your Bay Area Self Storage?

Affordable storage in the Bay Area is a good way to keep things you need when you don’t have room at home. But there’s more to utilizing your self storage than tossing boxes in a unit. Maximizing the space in your storage unit will help ensure that you can get everything into the unit and you can protect the items from damage.

Think about the boxes you use

The first thing to think about when packing your storage unit is the type of boxes you use. Here are some things to remember when you’re selecting boxes:

  • Make sure the cardboard is completely dry and sturdy with no signs of damage.
  • If you’re not sure about the cardboard, it’s safest to throw the box out.
  • Try to use boxes of similar sizes so they stack more easily.

Think about how you have to pack

When you’re ready to pack your Walnut Creek self storage unit, a clear process will ensure that you maximize your space and keep your items in good condition while they’re being stored. Here are the steps you can use to have the best storage packing you need:

1. Create a master content list. A master content list will help you organize your packing and storing. That will keep you from having to rearrange things once you start putting them in the unit.

2. Fill boxes completely for stacking. When you need to stack boxes, try to fill them completely. Space at the top of the box means the box has room to collapse, so it won’t be stable for stacking.

3. Start with your furniture. Furniture is typically the larger pieces. By packing the furniture first, you can ensure you get the big pieces in and then pack the rest around the furniture.

4. Organize your storage contents. When you organize your storage contents, try to group similar things together and think about accessibility. For example, things you may need should be toward the front.

5. Don’t store hazardous items. Hazardous or perishable items should not be put into your storage unit. This includes anything flammable, explosive, or corrosive. Your lease unit will include a clause that forbids these items.

When you have a Bay Area self storage unit, it’s important to maximize your space. Following these tips will help you get everything into your unit in the way you need.

Are You Looking for Affordable Storage in the Bay Area?

If you happen to be looking for a storage container, give us a call. We will deliver a storage unit to your home or office and you can pack it up and we will come pick it up when you are done. When you need your items, simply give us a call and we will bring it back to you.