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Here Is How to Best Pack Your Self Storage Unit

Packing a storage unit is very much like packing a truck when you’re making a move from one house to another. The better job you do with packing, the more secure will be all the contents being moved, and the more room you will have for fitting in all the contents which you need to have stored. Having your own Bay Area self storage unit can be a great way of storing things that you just don’t have room for in the household, or for staging things temporarily until you’re ready to move to a new location. Here’s the best way to go about packing your self storage unit.
Make sure to leave a walkway

It’s best to leave a walkway right down the middle of your self storage unit, so when you need to retrieve any particular object later on, you won’t have to unpack the whole storage unit to get to it. It might seem like you’re wasting space, but if you ever do have to access something in the storage unit, you be glad that you left a walkway there.

Pack tallest to shortest

All of your tallest and most bulky items should be loaded closest to the walls of your storage unit. Taller items like furniture and mattresses should always go at the back, while shorter items are closer to the middle, so you can see all throughout the storage unit.

Take a pre-inventory

Before loading anything into your storage unit, take a pre-inventory of all the items that you plan to have stored there. If you need access to anything in the future, you’ll have this list to refer to, so you’ll be sure whether or not something was loaded into the storage unit. Also, if some kind of natural disaster occurs, you’ll have a list of everything that was loaded into the unit, so you can file a claim.

Use labels and boxes

In order to maximize the space available in your storage unit, you’ll want to use boxes that you can stack high, or plastic tubs which can be stacked on top of each other. Make sure to label the contents of each one of your boxes or tubs, so you can tell at a glance what’s inside. This will help you to use all the vertical space in the storage unit, and after several months have gone by, you’ll still be able to tell what the contents of your boxes or tubs are.

Cover up valuables

There are very few storage unit facilities which do cleaning inside the storage units, and that means dust will certainly settle on top of your valuables, unless you have them properly covered. It’s a good idea to protect anything of real value from moisture or from dust, so make good use of sofa covers, mattress bags, and upholstered bags to keep everything dry and clean.

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