San Francisco Moving With Pets

Looking For Some Ways To Make Your Next Move Easier On Your Pets?

Moving with a pet can seem daunting, but there are several steps you can take to make the process smooth, healthy, and less stressful for you and your pet. Keep reading to find out more tips about using Bay Area self storage solutions to make your move easier for your pet.

Read Up on Rules and Regulations

If applicable, check in with your new leasing company or landlord about requirements—such as vaccinations or paperwork—that may be needed for your pet. Homeowners’ associations often have pet-related rules as well.

Talk To Vets

You should also talk to two veterinarians: your current one and a new one in the area you are moving to. Your current vet can give you advice on moving your pet as well as provide information on microchipping. Also ask if they have a recommendation for a new vet near your next home.

Once you are in touch with a new vet, set an appointment as soon as you can to get established. Be sure to have your pet’s medical records on hand for a smoother transition.

Update Your Pet’s ID

You will need to update the address and phone number on your pet’s ID tag. This information will also need to be revised in your pet’s microchip, if your pet has one.

Pack Smoothly And Slowly

Start packing early and gradually so your pet doesn’t see a massive change all at once. Consider local Walnut Creek storage solutions and call At Your Step Storage to discuss dropping off a storage container, which can help you pack at your own pace.

Hire A Sitter

If you have a cat, set out its carrier several days in advance so the cat gets used to the carrier. If you plan to travel to your new home by car, take your pet on short drives for acclimation. Plan in advance to have a petsitter or friend watch your pet on moving day itself. It can be stressful and dangerous for pets to be in the home when large boxes and items are being moved.

Travel To Your New Location

On the day you bring your pet to your new home, be sure to have food, water, and their medicine and documentation on hand. Traveling by car will allow you to care for your pet along the way; however, it is important to have the right carrier or restraint for your animal. If you are traveling by other means, such as train or airline, be sure to talk to the company in advance about bringing your pet aboard.

Moving Near Walnut Creek And Looking For Simple Storage Solutions?

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