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Is Your House Too Full of Stuff?

Putting your things in storage can be fun—even cathartic. You exhale a sigh of relief as each mystery of where this and that will go is solved—and all with the same convenient answer: storage. But in a rush to make their organizational dreams come true, many folks end up not making the most out of their Bay Area self storage resources. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Check and Double Check the Storage Rules

When it comes to Bay Area self storage, every facility has its own rules. Some are similar to others, and this can present a tricky trap. Some people assume that their friend’s storage rules apply to theirs. Before you box up last year’s unused fireworks and that half-full propane tank, check the restrictions of your storage facility. Likely, there will be more things on their list of banned substances than flammable and combustible goodies, so don’t make any assumptions.

Clean it Like You Mean It

One nice feature of affordable self storage in the Bay Area is it can be climate-controlled, which means your prized possessions won’t be swimming in damp, muggy air the whole time. But you have to do your part, too. Otherwise, mold and mildew will still find a way to make their little homes in the nooks and crannies of your things. Clean, clean, clean. This kills anything that might want to grow and multiply while in storage. Even something as well-ventilated as container storage in the Bay Area can, over time, become a spawning ground for stuff that’s fuzzy, yucky, and smells bad. Clean it and kill it.

Not Just Full but “Thought-full”

There are two things you should think about when deciding how to store your items. First, you want to conserve space. Yeah, the space looked big on the website, and it may have still looked big when you first saw it in person, but you’d be surprised how quickly that space can vanish. This is your chance to play 3-D Tetris. If you’re not careful, you could also be playing a bad game of Jenga if you don’t follow this second bit of advice: put things you may need to access near the entrance and at the top. This way, you can just open it up, grab that snowboard or surfboard, and head off for fun. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending half an afternoon re-packing your self storage instead of having a good time.

Only the Listless Don’t Make Lists

Maybe it’s because we choose things that are “unforgettable” for storage that tend to forget what’s in there. Whether you’re choosing regular self-storage or Bay Area storage, you want to make a list and put it right near the entrance. Your storage should be organized more like a library than a cluttered closet. This makes finding things, storing new things, and even selling things a lot easier.
If you are sure to avoid these mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to a successful storage mission.

Would Bay Area Self Storage Help Declutter Your Home?

Storage gives you a new kind of freedom and peace of mind. Remember these tips and have a good time with it. In the Bay Area, contact At Your Step Storage for affordable storage in the Bay Area. Call us today for your free quote. (877) 900-STEP