Want to Make More Space for Your Car in Your Garage?

Has your garage become a catchall of stuff that is slowly pushing your car out? Decluttering your garage can open-up valuable storage space for your vehicles or provide a functional space to engage in activities and hobbies. Before contacting a Bay Area self storage company, read these tips on decluttering your garage. 

Declutter your garage this weekend and find space you never knew you had!

Wait for the weather. Try to plan your declutter around the weather. It will be a lot easier to sort, select, and stow items when you don’t have weather to worry about.

Get a second point of view. Enlist the help of a friend or relative that can offer you an objective point of view. They may be able to give you a fresh perspective regarding items that you struggle with getting rid of. Plus, you will have an extra set of hands for the task.

Work around a nucleus. Create a nucleus, like a workbench for instance, that you organize your garage around. This will help you construct a flow and path through the space that makes it user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Give everything its own place. Make sure that you create a place for everything. This will tease-out the items that you don’t need, have already, or that you simply do not have room for. It might make it easier to part with some things.

Donate, discard, or sell. You may have some tough decisions to make regarding what to get rid of, as well as what to do with these items. Should you donate or discard? Maybe sell items to make a few bucks? The choice is up to you.

Rent a Bay Area self storage container. Now is the time to take overflow items you don’t use as often to a storage unit; consider a Bay Area self storage company that will deliver a container to your property for you to fill. Bay Area self storage company will then come to your property to retrieve the container to take to their home-site. What could be simpler?

Would a Bay Area Self Storage Container Help Your Efforts?

When you are ready to clean up and clear out your garage, find a Bay Area self storage company that will deliver and pick up storage containers for those items and goods you are simply not ready to get rid of. Work with a Walnut Creek self storage company,  At Your Step Storage, who can help make decluttering your garage this weekend easy, efficient, and affordable.