Rent House While Traveling

How To Rent Out Your Home While Traveling The World

Renting out your home while you travel can be a significant source of income, making it possible for you to spend time in places you’ve always wanted to visit. However, your globetrotting may come at a cost. Tenants are not always inclined to treat your house with the respect that it deserves. They may neglect to perform periodic maintenance tasks or damage cherished items. Here are some tips on how to protect your home when you rent it out during your journeys. Finding low cost self storage in the bay area might be your best bet in saving your stuff and your money while traveling.

Protect Important Items

When tenants move in, they’ll need space in which to store their personal effects. Emptying your closets, shelves, and drawers takes time, so be sure to factor this in when you make your travel plans. As you’re clearing out these areas, also remove any artwork, heirlooms, or other irreplaceable items that you don’t want to take a chance on getting damaged. Pack your valued belongings in a low cost Bay Area self storage facility until you return from your wanderings. Protect the furniture that remains in the house with slipcovers, tablecloths, mattress pads, coasters, and other coverings.

Perform a Walk-Through

Since you’re now a property manager, handle the turnover to your renters professionally. Before you leave, walk through all areas of the house with your new tenants. Demonstrate how locks, appliances, and other items work, and have the tenants try them for themselves. Leave notes in conspicuous places with cleanliness and maintenance reminders.

Insist on a Security Deposit

An appropriate security deposit should be an absolute requirement before rental. Be sure to retain the deposit until after you have had the chance to thoroughly inspect for damage or missing possessions. Sometimes tenants dispute your claims of damage, so to prevent this, thoroughly photograph your pristine home before you rent it out. Then photograph damaged portions. Damages that you may sometimes encounter make you grateful that your truly valued items are tucked away in your low cost storage in the bay area.

Check Insurance Details

Insurance is imperative when you are renting your home to tenants. Insurance companies typically charge more to homeowners that rent their houses, but the protection is well worth the extra cost. Your coverage may be limited while your home is rented out. For instance, your insurer may cover your house and basic liability but not your possessions or the possessions of your tenants.

Hire Local Bay Area Self Storage To Protect Your Valuables

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